300,00 €
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By donating this amount you receive:

- 1 Family Membership of the Gaianos club

- 4 Tickets "Photo Safari"

- 4 Tickets for the Animal Paradise

- 2 Creative Workshops

- 1 Expedition of treasure hunt with metal detector 

- 1 Boy Scout Experience

- 1 Session of therapy with Pyramids. 

- 1 Forest Bathing Session. 


Note:-It can be used from May 2021

- This membership has important monthly benefits for children, find out more in the project description.

-Members of the club have special benefits and discounts (15%) in the activities and services of the center.

-The rewards are  personalized so they can be shared among family and friends giving joy, health and well-being in their environment

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Total: 300,00 EUR

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