8.000,00 €
ó más


- Recognition of the company as a contribution of Corporate Social Responsibility (RSP) 

- Your company logo at the entrance of the Center 

- Presence of the brand in different areas of the Center 

- 6 Club Gaianos Memberships 

- Own space for the company's showroom / VIP Lounge or to assemble its equipment and perform its treatments or therapies( If they share the Center Philosophy ) 

- 6 Tickets "Photo Safari"

- 6 Tickets for Animal Paradise

- 4 Creative Workshops 

- 3 Expeditions of treasure hunt with metal detector. 

- 3 Pyramid therapy sessions. 

- 3 Forest Bathing Sessions. 

- 3 Nordic Bathtub Sessions with mountain water. 

- 3 Sessions of Zootherapy (therapy assisted with animals) 

- 3 Geotherapy Sessions (Mud Baths) 

- 3 Spa Days 

- 2 Tamazcal 

- 2 Tree Therapies in Hanging Nest. 

- 2 Picnics in Glamping Tent with wood stove, from 4 to 6 people 

- 2 Nights of therapy in Glass Pyramid  

- 2 Boy Scout Experience for your children to learn to survive for themselves in nature. 


It can be used from May 2021

-This membership allows you to link your company or brand to the Gaianos Center and the NGO MAR PURO. 

-It allows you to promote your brand, products and services within the Center if they share the Center Philosophy.(20% of the profits will be donated to the center) 

-It is valid for 2 year. 

-This sponsor option is designed to distribute your 6 memberships and rewards among your managers, employees or clients as an added value by promoting health and wellbeing.

- Tax relief of up to 80%


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