5.500,00 €
ó más


By donating this amount you receive:

1 Co-Creator partner membership of the Gaianos Center. 

- A voucher is issued in your favor with a credit of 50% of the donated amount to use in the activities and services of the center.

- 4 Tickets for Animal Paradise

- 1 Creative Workshop 

- 1 Expedition of treasure hunt with metal detector 

- 1 Pyramid therapy session 

- 1 Session of Animal Assisted Therapy 

- 1 Forest Bath with Glass Pyramids 

- 1 Spa Day 

- 1 Therapy with trees in Hanging Nest.

- 1 Picnic in Glamping Tent with wood stove, from 4 to 6 people 

- 1 Night of therapy in Pyramid of Glass 

- 1 Boy Scout Experience, to initiate them and learn to survive for themselves in nature.

 - 1 Own plot for organic garden = planting and harvesting organic food for your family.

 - 1 own Glamping Tent with wood stove and solar panels for 4 to 6 people. 

Complimentary as an added value for your children: 

- Your children will be able to sponsor a farm animal, name it and participate in feeding and raising it, with a plan to create a bond between them.

 - Your children will be able to participate in the organization of the farm caring for and managing the animals.

 - Your children will be able to participate in the organization and operation of the creative center by learning art and creativity techniques. 

- Courtesy for adults:

- You will be able to participate as a promoter and you will have the option to collaborate in the center in the areas or services you want and feel prepared for. 

-You can participate in new developments, new proposals and projects within the center. 


- It can be used from May 2021

- The members of the Founders of the center have special benefits and discounts (50%) in the activities and services of the center.

- The rewards are not personalized so they can be shared among family and friends giving joy, health and well-being in their environment

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